• Education

    “To care about sustainable development means to accept responsibility for the well-being of future
    generations and also of our habitat, of our planet. An affirmative attitude towards sustainability has
    to be an integral part of the moral foundation of our activities and of your lifestyle. This means that
    promoting sustainable development must be an important aspect of the educational agenda at all

    Dr Konrad Osterwalder,
    Under Secretary General of the UN
    Rector of the United Nations University
    (Osterwalder 2009)

    We seek to be a committed partner in the national effort to build a more environmentally literate and
    responsible society and advance the sustainability movement through education. We intend to do this
    by supporting schools projects in the community we live in to so as to move towards the Millennium
    Development Goal of increasing access to education at the primary level by 2015.